Which site would you prefer to see on your mobile phone?


“Traditional” websites are large, with plenty of graphics and flashy effects.  They look and perform great on desktop PCs and laptops, but they simply don’t cut it when viewed on mobile phones.

Unlike desktop designed sites, mobile websites are very small, lightweight and take almost no time to load into a mobile browser.  They are “stripped”  down to deliver only the most important information about your business – and they can be viewed easily on small-sized mobile screens.

Because cell phone screens vary slightly in width from phone to phone, well designed mobile sites contain CSS (cascading style sheets) code that allows any graphics to “bend” allowing them to look terrific on all mobile devices – regardless of the screen size.

We design custom mobile websites that have the same look and feel of your existing website.  It acts as an “extension” of it when accessed by a mobile phone. Visitors are automatically forwarded to your fast-loading mobile site to get the most crucial information they need about your business – FAST.

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