Conference lines can be a useful tool for groups of people to connect with each other for quick meetings, etc. This video shows you not only how to set up a simple conference line for callers, but also records the entire call to be used later. You can download recordings in your Twilio dashboard at >>Logs>>Recordings.

This app will connect everyone into the same “conference” room. The first person will hear a music track of some sort provided by Twilio default conference. The second person will hear a bell tone and that is when you know that someone else has entered the conference.

There are many variations you can add to this like a passcode, or your own background music, or muting everyone except one person.

Here is something you can try as an assignment: Rework this app so that when you send the keyword: conference to the number, it will then broadcast an sms out to a group of people with the conference call number in the SMS. Good luck!